Online Reputation Management – Why is it Important?

The success of any brand depends on the voice and tone of your customer.

Organisation Reputation Management is the reputation, perception, and overall quality that your business creates within the public sphere. 

It involves a combination of marketing, public relations, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to promote, protect and defend your online image or business reputation.

Your online reputation is heavily impacted not only by what others say about you and your business online, or what you do (or don’t) post on social media, but also about how you respond to negative reviews and opinions by customers.

Any business owner knows that when you have a happy customer, most of them won’t post about it online – but when you have an unhappy customer, 9 times out of 10, they’ll turn into a keyboard warrior within the next hour.

In order to effectively manage your online reputation, when and how you respond to this customer is extremely important. The total amount of visibility of positive, negative, and neutral content that will appear when potential future customers search online for your name, company brand, products, or services determine your online reputation, so you need to handle it in a professional, courteous manner – with a ‘the customer is always right’ mentality. If you don’t, you risk other people viewing this content, and being put off your business before they’ve even tried it.

Bottom line is – your online reputation matters. It shapes how your customers perceive and interact with your business, both now and in the future. We can help you build a positive company reputation, strengthen your presence in the industry and online marketplace, and build your customer loyalty.

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